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Accel-Heal® is a unique, active 12 day treatment that is applied alongside best practice care to promote healing in leg ulcers through the use of electroceutical energy. Developed and designed with ease of clinical application and patient comfort in mind, Accel-Heal® delivers a sequence of pre-programmed, low level and sub-sensory electrical energy through the skin surface. This helps to reduce inflammation and improve cell migration to the ulcer site resulting in improved treatment outcomes and quality of life and wellbeing for patients by:

Promoting and stimulating healing
• Helping to reduce pain
• Reducing exudate
• Reducing oedema

Accel-Heal is listed within the Drug Tariff and available for clinical prescribing in England, Wales and Scotland.  

TendonworksA non invasive Class IIA medical device, Accel-Heal uses the patented Synapse Sequence programmed to deliver a specific series of electric energy interactions through the skin to manipulate gene expression to modify specific physiological functions in dermal tissue.  

Developed to provide ease and simplicity of clinical application; Accel-Heal improves and accelerates healing rates, while significantly contributing to cost savings. 

In 2015 Synapse received FDA 510(k) clearance for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain.

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