General Advice

The Synapse electroceutical units have been developed as a result of significant medical and scientific research and they are intended to be used/recommended for use by a medical or healthcare clinician/practitioner following a consultation.
The following rules should be adhered to when using a Synapse electroceutical device.

Treatment discomfort

Synapse electroceutical treatments should be pain free and sub-sensory (without feeling). However a tingling sensation may be felt by some users and is normal. If discomfort is experienced the unit should be switched off and the electrodes removed immediately Therefore, if in the unlikely event you do feel increased pain or discomfort following use of the unit please cease using it immediately and contact your referring clinician. We strongly advise that the electroceutical treatments will be more effective if you are well hydrated, in addition, ensure the skin is clean and dry before pad placement

Skin irritation

In the unlikely event that skin irritation develops please stop using the Synapse electroceutical unit and contact your clinician. Please do ensure that the pads are clean prior to use.

Contra-indications Hazards

Your clinician should have explained the few contra-indications for using the unit; these are:

Heart conditions

Consult your physician before using the Synapse electroceutical unit if you have a heart condition and/or have an implanted cardiac pacemaker


There is no evidence to suggest that the Synapse electroceutical unit would be detrimental to a healthy pregnancy. However, based upon precautionary measures, we suggest that you consult your physician before using the unit

Serious disease

If you suffer from a serious disease or condition such as cancer we suggest you consult your physician before using the unit


If you suffer from epilepsy we advise that you do not use the unit near the head.

Varicose veins /main arteries

Do not place electrode pads directly over broken capillaries or varicose veins. We also advise that you do not place electrode pads directly over main arteries such as the carotid arteries in the neck


As with all electrical devices do not use the Synapse electroceutical unit when bathing or if the unit becomes wet.


The unit and the accessories should be kept out of the reach of children.

ECG's and other electrical devices

When the Synapse electroceutical treatments are in progress they may interfere with ECG and EEG monitors and alarms.


Please be aware there may be interference from other electronic devices that affect the performance of the Synapse electroceutical unit and it may affect other electronic devices, If there are problems please switch off the offending device or increase their separation distance.
See Guidance and Manufacturer's Declaration for Electromagnetic Emissions

Electrode pads

We advise that you use the electrode pads that are supplied with the units. Additional pads are available directly from Synapse electroceutical Ltd. 'No unauthorised extension leads, cables or attachments should be used with the unit.

Temperature and Humidity

Please ensure storage transportation is within 0ºC ~ 45°C [32-113 degrees Fahrenheit] and less than 95% humidity.


For optimum performance always ensure that the Synapse electroceutical unit is kept in a clean condition. We suggest cleaning with a mildly damp cloth; ensure that water does not penetrate the unit.