Improving Health and Well-being with Pioneering Science

Synapse Electroceutical is an ISO accredited science-led healthcare company with a focus on developing new ways to make a meaningful difference to patients’ health and well-being targeting clinically and fiscally burdensome conditions such as complex wounds.
Synapse is pioneering exciting new science and securing valuable intellectual property (IP) in the rapidly developing field of electroceutical medicine. Realisation of Synapse’s IP has resulted in its first externally applied electroceutical (EAE) product Accel-Heal which is quickly making a positive clinical, fiscal and social impact in the United Kingdom healthcare sector. Accel-Heal is included within the Drug Tariff Listing and available for clinical prescribing in England, Wales and Scotland.

Electroceutical Medicine

Electroceutical research is developing medicines that use specifically targeted electrical energy impulses to engage a specific biological and/or physiological function where the electrical energy is used to initiate a biological change. The last decade has seen remarkable progress in the development of molecular bio-electricity and the ability to miniaturize electronic devices to, for example, stimulate specific certain neural pathways and manipulate gene protein activity. Doing this in an autonomous way is leading to the development of a new class of therapies that work without having to flood the patient’s system with molecular medicines that inevitably have secondary and sometimes deleterious effects.

Electroceutical Class of Therapies

Synapse’s research and product development has taken the application of electrical stimulation in medicine far beyond the classical and historic approach of using non specific and variable treatments.
Synapse has developed and patented the concept of an externally applied electroceutical therapy which is delivered from a small, sophisticated electronic device that outputs specific and fixed electrical energy impulses to produce a treatment that has a specific clinical outcome arrived at via a defined and verified mode of action.
Accel-Heal is used as an adjunct treatment for a range of complex and chronic wounds. Its mode of action address a malfunctioning gene protein pathway that result in wounds not following a normal healing trajectory and as a result becoming complex, chronic and commonly non-healing.

Growth Potential with Synapse Electroceutical

Synapse’s research portfolio offers new therapies way beyond that of Accel-Heal. Having identified and successfully manipulated key protein activity in dermal tissue has opened further sustainable clinical applications. Synapse’s laboratory based concepts focused on targeting gene protein expression has enabled the company to further develop fully ISO accredited medical devices and/or therapies.
Synapse’s potential for rapid growth is founded on an independently verifiable scientific platform supported by a business model founded on distributor and license agreements with third party companies that already have significant existing market penetration and reach within the healthcare sector.